…of Ramadhan & PhD…

Assalamualaikum wbh…

My last post was in November last year…

Not sure either too lazy to update or terlalu busy…make it both lah…

Alhamdulilah Allah bagi peluang untuk jumpa Ramadhan kali ni…dengan doa semoga Allah beri peluang untuk habiskan sampai ke hujung malam LailatulQadar. 

I have received a few emails from readers asking how’s my study going so far. Alhamdulilah masih meneruskan lagi…sekarang dalam stage submit chapters stage by stage pastu received feedback….btolkan…hantar balik and the routine goes sampai both of us (me and supervisor) satisfied it can be a good chapter. To be honest the progress is quite slow currently…the motivation jatuh menjunam tak tahu nak build up balik mcm mana…hu..hu…selalu doa Allah bagi semangat and rasa motivated mcm awal2 enroll phd dulu….semngat mcm masa lepas defence thesis proposal…nak semua semangat tu balik…

I am the type of individu yg susah nak share the problem in my study with others…kalau org tanya…asyik jawab doakan yer…org lain pun tgk I am happy menjalani hidup kat UK ni…but you can’t hide it in marriage…my hubby understands me even I have not share with him any single of my difficulties in my study. My hubby sendiri has his own problem in study…kan bila farah citer tambah headache kat kepala dia but he observes me everyday…and one day he says that I need to change the place of my workstation. I am not longer focus when I am at home…ada jer house chores yg nak buat and kalau x de pun…duk layan Uwais…sampai tak fokus kat study…so we discussed and he suggest me to go and study elsewhere and we divided the schedule in order for both of us to stay focus in our study. 

For your information, I have moved to Edinburgh since last February…so when he suggests me to study elsewhere, duk pk…takkan nak berulang hari2 naik train pergi Dundee semata2 nak g office and study…will cost a lot of money, wasting time and energy. Then, baru teringat masa mula2 my hubby enroll his study in Edinburgh Uni, I have applied for a SCONUL Access from the Edinburgh Uni Library untuk dapat access masuk. So settle, I have decided to study in the library 🙂 On the schedule, both of us akan gilir2 by week, for me to go to the library and hubby to go to his office and Uwais still under the care of either of us 🙂 

Then I said to my hubby, how about house chores? He said he will do the laundry while he at home and make sure Uwais cukup makan…he…he…for cooking…he suggest me to cook a lot at a time then frozen kan….so senang bila nak berbuka…panaskan jer lauk yg ada….brilliant idea 🙂

So Alhamdulilah finally i am trying back to be on track…please doa for us…setiap kali org tanya study mcm mana to both of us takde yg lain we ask for accept doa….doa senjata org mukmin kan 🙂 

Ramadhan Mubarak from us in Edinburgh, Scotland ♥

p/s…puasa thn ni 19-20 jam 🙂 

p/s..balik ni mesti hubby tegur…pergi library study bukan update blog…he..he..



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